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Java is a very popular language for developing variety of applications. Java is platform independent and operation system independent. It runs on browsers, desktops, servers and even on mobile devices. Students opting to study Java have very good career prospects in application programming and web developed.

They don’t have to have prior programming knowledge to learn JAVA J2EE at Aptech JAVA J2EE course at Aptech starts from the very basic and covers the advanced concepts as well. The students would learn to create desktop applications, use various technologies in J2EE, and use Servlets Spring to make complicated networks simple and manageable.

Aptech makes the students job ready, conceptually and fundamentally strong in the language through hands on approach. Students get plenty of exercises and projects to test and try all the concepts taught to them. This training creates a strong foundation for those wanting to take up Sun Java Certified Web Component Developer examination (SJCWCD).

All courses at Aptech including JAVA are designed by subject experts and rendered by professionals who have worked in the technology. Also, Aptech as organisation has carried out various projects on JAVA technology and thus has an edge over others offering the same course. Aptech knows what the industry expects from JAVA professionals and has structured the JAVA J2EE course with real time application requirements in mind. Thus our students are equipped to be productive from the day 1 on the job.

Course duration:

Classes are typically held 1.5 hours a day/5 days a week.


Undergraduates/Graduates/Working professionals

Job opportunities:

On successfully completing the Java course, you will be ready to join top national & international IT companies as:

  • Java Web Application Developer
Java Technology